I’m thinking sweet, sexy thoughts about you right now. You’re wearing a light floral sun dress, black bra, and cowboy boots. The dress is as comfortable as the couch you’re leaning back against. Gentle sunlight fills the room. You’re cute, playful-looking. A perfect Spring day and a perfect Spring woman. Perhaps, though, not such an innocent scene.

See, in the lovely muted sunshine of this fine summer cottage, your velvety skirt is actually bunched at the waist. Since this is my daydream, you lie back on the furniture, and your legs are spread wide, with my head nestled tight inside your thighs.

The bosom of the dress is also askew. It’s been unbuttoned and open. Evidence of some fondling, the bra is wrinkled, and pulled down just below your long nipples That was so I could tweak and bite them as I pleased. Your skin was soft and smooth to my touch, a creamy loveliness I dragged across quietly with my fingertips.

But now, I’m happily darting my tongue back and forth over your clit. Two fingers push in and out of your pussy, slowly sliding as deep as they can, and then, wet and slippery, removed and spun over your hot button along with my lips. You taste divine.

Your sounds have me hard. Little moans, deep breaths, and sharp, uncontrolled gasps. These audio delights connect directly from my ears to my cock, inflating it fully. I’m happily throbbing along as you whine and thrash.

I love hearing you come. I see how it makes you mad with lust. I adore holding you down while I continue eating you, all the while hoping for another orgasmic shudder from your hips. The hot wetness of your pussy opens graciously to my mouth. I linger as you shake, once, twice, more times than I can count. As your muscles relax, my thoughts race ahead.

Soon you will suck my cock. Opening your damp mouth so I can feel your hotness around me. I fill your throat. As you swallow deeply, your tight lips encircle the base of my hardness. When you retreat, your lips gently part as they pass over the head of my flesh. I adore a slow, wet suck. Marveling at your enthusiasm, I watch intently as you swallow all of me again.

You love my balls. Licking hungrily, sucking one and then the other. Your hand keeps sliding up and down my cock, using the wetness left from your saliva. Your eyes stare up to me. What, I wonder, is the taste you adore? Why are you driven to have me rolling softly in your mouth? There is nothing like that crossing your mind now. You slurp, and suck, lick and stroke me in a trance. Your fascination and commitment makes me harder. Your body shivers with excitement, your muscles are once again tense – on the edge of control.

I’m about to come, but it’s way too soon. So I begrudgingly pull away, and dive happily into your firm breasts. They’re wonderful, hot, full, and lovely to squeeze with my big hands.

My face is covered with your skin, my tongue darting across nipples, wet and erect, like the goosebumps that surround them. Biting, squeezing, rolling, feeling all the flesh in its glorious fullness. Oh, how much time can I spend here?

It must finally be time to fuck, don’t you think? How should you be taken?

It’s magnificent fucking you from behind. Holding your hair in a ponytail and pulling back hard while, at the same time, jamming my cock in your sopping pussy. Do you like my pelvis hard against your ass? On all-fours your tits hang down for me to grab, twist, and taunt. Each pull on them flexes the head of my dick inside you. Your back is arched, and neck pulled back so I can lean down to bite your neck.

So we start there. Slow, fast, erratic fucking peppered with sharp, hard, and full thrusts that push you against the upright of the couch. I pull out my glowing purple head – waiting a moment – and then spreading your folds as I push back in. Out and in. In and out. So simple to do. So wonderful to feel. Your meaty vagina is divided by and swallows my sharp cock.

As delicious as this is, I still want to directly view the lovely flushed pussy of yours. Hot and red, with a clit nearly aflame. So you are rolled once again to your back. I watch as the tip of me pushes against the wetness of your cunt. Your slick wrinkles once again parting, allowing me to drive as deep as I can muster.

In front of me now, wrapped in a crumpled dress, you are a painting of sex in it’s glory. My cock is glistening, moving in and out of you. Your legs are wide and shivering. Your belly crunched, folded, and sweaty. Your boobs. Those wonderful boobs, pointing straight up and moving like waves from the rhythm of my thrusts. I can’t help but reach out with both hands crushing them between my fingers, and pushing hard down against your ribs.

And your mouth. Open and wet, squeaking out guttural peeps, staccato gulps of air, and long, fleshy moans. That mouth. I can’t look elsewhere. I’m mesmerized by the complexity of its articulation. Your lips, teeth, and tongue all flowing in orgasmic unison. I want you to swallow me whole. I want to live forever in that mouth.

Inside me, though, the intense fire grows. I’m snapping to and fro at the hips, spasms in my back thrusting my body forward. I want to be further inside you. I can’t fuck you harder, or more deeply, or nearly enough.

It’s getting close. The full shaft and tip of my dick throb like they will burst. And they will.

I desperately need to add a final bit of detail to this picture of nakedness in front of me. When I can hold back no longer, I pull quick from you, just as the convulsions start in my balls. Thick, forceful ropes of cum spurt from my cock. The volume and distance amazes me, as the cum flys and splatters across your belly and breasts. You’re gorgeous covered in my cum. A marvelous canvas of pleasure.

Quick like a rabbit, my mouth is on you. Sucking and licking the moist cum off your navel, your nipples, the stream in your cleavage. Fast as I can, my lips lock onto yours. My tongue jams into your mouth and swirls the mixture of heat, sweat, saliva and cum. The sucking and kissing is animalistic. Our hot bodies press together, and the remaining hardness of my empty cock drives against your wet cunt.

Such a hot kiss. I only stop as, exhausted, I slide off you to the comfortable couch. Wheezing, I’m pleased about my own climax, but more by seeing your spent body, gasping for breath, and covered with the mixed, liquid smell of sex and satisfaction. I want to fuck you all-over again. And again.

I’m hard as I write this. Wish you were here so I could fuck your mouth this instant.

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